Preparing your Car Before Auto Vehicle Transport

There are many things to plan before booking an auto vehicle transport service. Besides finding a reputable car transport company, you need to do some work in the car. We will talk about this in this article.

Preparing your car before shipping is the most important and difficult task that would come on the shipping list. First, wash your car very well. If you do so, the scratches, chips, can be clearly visible. So if any damages occur on the route, you can easily see them after delivery. Take all your possessions out of the car. Emptying it is better because the auto vehicle transport insurance won’t cover the damages caused by personal items.

Don’t forget to turn off the car alarm before giving it to the car transport service. Would be trouble for the workers if they would have to disable the alarm if it starts ringing. Also, the repeated ringing of the alarm may bring the battery down. So make sure the alarm is disabled before handing over the keys to the auto vehicle transport company. Gas tank must not be full. If it is, it may add to the total weight of the vehicle and may cost you extra shipping charges. So it is recommended to keep the gas tank only a quarter filled so that the total weight of the car would be less.

Most cars come with additional accessories like ground effects, spoilers, and fog lights. During the auto transportation, it is better to remove the extra fittings so that they are not damaged or lost. Remember to fold back the wide mirrors and secure the antenna safely.

Also, consider keeping the battery at full charge. If you are using a terminal-to-terminal transport, the car would be delivered there, and you would need to drive it to your home. It is better to charge the car battery to avoid problems later. The tires should also be properly inflated. Note down all the existing car problems of the car and inform the driver beforehand. Giving a clear description of the car details is extremely important both for safety and also for saving time.

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