Auto Vehicle Transport Rules and Regulations

There are many rules and regulations that must be followed by auto vehicle transport industries to ensure that the shipment will reach its destination smoothly. That is why these companies try to follow exactly the transportation rules for moving the vehicles from one place to another, and serve efficiently its customers.

The auto transport company should have a number of years of experience and should possess a license which is active. They should give you a bill of lading, where all the dents or damages in the vehicle being transported, will be noted. This is signed by both the company and the person owning the vehicle at the time of pick up of the vehicle. This is again checked when delivery of the vehicle is done. The vehicle should be properly insured. Generally the payment has to be made in advance or a certain amount of money has to be given in advance. You can use a credit card to pay. All the details should be in writing, so that you will not have a problem later.

A fixed delivery date should be given by the auto transport company. If, for some reason, they cannot deliver on that date, they should inform the customer. You should find out whether your vehicle is being transported in an open or enclosed truck. You should also find out whether the delivery is from terminal to terminal or from door to door.

The auto transport industry employs drivers to drive huge trucks which transport the vehicles of the customers to their destination. These huge trucks have to driven with care to ensure the safety of the vehicles. Most of the roads in the country will have axle weight regulations that have to be followed. So, the weight carried becomes very important. The roads should be able to handle the weight. So, it is necessary to know the route that will be taken to deliver the vehicles. There will be many stations and check points on the way, where you will have the weight of the truck checked. So, even before you start on the trip, you should be aware of the weight that the truck is carrying, so that you are within the limits. If you exceed the weight, the best thing would be to leave on car behind and transport it later.

The truck size and specifications should also conform to the laws. When you are transporting a vehicle, only certain size and weight of truck can transport it. If the right size is not used, then you will be going against the law.

The next thing you must be aware of is the how securely you have tied the vehicles inside the truck. There are certain rules and regulations that have to be followed to ensure that all the cars are tightly tied to the truck. If you have not adhered to the rules, you will be fined heavily. You will be putting yourself and the others on the road to danger.

The driver has to also follow certain rules. He should only drive for a certain number of hours in a day. This should not be exceeded, as it is dangerous and can lead to accidents. All the hours that the driver has put in should be logged.

The truck driver should have in the truck – the log book, insurance information and other necessary documents and other equipments that are given to you by the auto transport company. These are essential things that should be in the truck all the time.

The truck is generally checked before it leaves the transport company, while it is traveling and when it reaches the destination. So, all the rules and regulations should be followed to ensure the safe and secure transfer of the vehicles in the charge of the driver to the destination.

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