Car Shipping Transport Industry

Car Shipping Transport Industry

There are many people offering deals out there in the web, but you have to be aware of not only getting a good price for the service you are paying, but to know what kind of company you are dealing with (based on its record and own characteristics). That way, you will make the best decision when choosing whom, when and how to have an experience with car shipping transport. So, if a web offers you free auto shipping quotes and with no information about the process, it’s your own risk to work with them. 

Types of Car Shipping Transport Companies:

Lead Aggregators are websites designed to look trustworthy and gather your information. These sites then sell your information to different car shipping transport brokers. The brokers then use this information to call you with a quote.

Brokers are facilitators, the middlemen of the industry. They represent 95% of the companies you find on the internet and don’t actually make car shipping transport, but post their shipments for individual carriers to do the shipping. Brokers usually pay your deposit with the rest of the money going to the carrier at delivery. Brokers are great for communication, but the responsibility for shipping your car ultimately falls on the carrier.

Carriers are the trucks you see on the highway; typically single drivers, partners, or husband/wife teams that are the backbone of the industry. They can transport vehicles with individual trailers, enclosed or open trailers,  car haulers, or large multi-level car carriers. These drivers rarely sell their car shipping transport services directly to consumers, and rely on load boards and brokers to fill their trucks. They are regulated by the DOT and MC rules.

Types of services

Door-to-Door Car Transport – Transport from the sender’s premises directly to the receiver’s premises.

Terminal-to-Terminal Auto Shipping – Transport from a designated drop off location to a designated pick up location.

How do you choose the service option right for you?

Consider your budget as well as your timeline when deciding on your car shipping transport. Although, terminal-to-terminal shipping may seem less expensive at first, the extra costs and convenience may make door-to-door a better shipping option for you. Make sure to check out our breakdown of the different types of trailers and trucks that carriers use to transport vehicles. Each type has pros and cons, so it is good to know the difference and how each will affect the way your car during shipping.

At All States Car Transport, our mission is to provide superior car shipping transport services through understanding our valued customer needs and delivering vehicle(s) with a seamless process, state to state. We are a full service car shipping and are skilled to provide superior expertise. Every measure is taken to not only ensure the safe arrival of your vehicle, but to alleviate the pressure and concerns of the process.

We make certain all chosen carriers are equipped to exceed your expectations in car shipping transport. Our widespread network of carriers enables us to choose the best carrier to deliver your vehicle when and how you need. Place your reservation online or over the phone with one of our professional sale representatives. In our continued effort to better serve your needs, you may contact our office through our website or simply fill out your order form online.