Truck Types For Auto Transport Trailer

Truck Types For Auto Transport Trailer

Ok, you are having a long distance moving, and want to transport your car, because you have decided that it is the best option. But have you ever wondered what type of auto transport trailer will ship your car? The factors to consider are not only economic, but about time (some auto transport trailers are faster than others). Security is another factor: it’s not the same a truck with closed roof than open, among others characteristics. finally, your car should go on the overhead compartment or on the below one? With many or few cars at once? The possibilities multiply, but reading the following article you’ll decide more surely what you need.

The timeline, budget and concern over the vehicle being exposed to the elements are the three main things that decide the auto transport trailers and the method to be used. It is always better to consult the car shipping company regarding your concerns and seek guidance on what would work best for your car since they are professionals. Remember to keep the auto transport company aware of special requirements if any.

This happens in case of transporting SUV and the car has a low ground clearance, the vehicle is not running properly or it has other mechanical problems. Such things should be noted and conveyed as specific transportation methods would be better than normal ones in such cases.

The auto transport companies mainly use two types of auto transport trailers while shipping the automobiles namely tractor-trailer trucks or a pickup style truck otherwise known as hotshot. For discount car shipping, the tractor trailers are the best choices since they are capable of hauling more vehicles at a time. However they are slower and also they take a long time for navigating in the residential areas.

Here the terminal to terminal transport service would be used as you would have to meet the driver in an open parking space for loading and unloading the car from auto transport trailer. On the other hand, the pickup style trucks deliver the vehicle faster and have an easier navigation through the neighborhood places. But the service would be a bit more expensive.

Be it the tractor-trailer or hotshot truck, the auto transport trailer method should be selected by the customers based on the requirements and the condition of the car. For protecting the vehicle from weather and road elements, the enclosed trailer method would be the right choice. But here also the rates would be high, as much as twice, compared to the open trailer method. If you decide to go for open trailer, there would be several types to choose from. In open trailer, the car would be fully or partially exposed to the elements during the auto transport trailer shipping.

One of the widely used auto transport trailer would be the multi-car trailers which are open trailers that are capable of handling a few cars as many as three to twelve vehicles at a time. Even though they are highly economical, they would take a lot of time to deliver the car. While you are shipping the car using the multi-car trailers make sure to be on time for the pickup and delivery since there would be many other cars waiting in the trailer to be delivered.

There is also some concerns regarding the position of the car in trailer; whether top or bottom rack is better. If the car is at bottom, chances are there that the oil from the car on top rack would drip down. Also if the car is in top rack, there are possibilities that it would be hit by branches if the truck moves into areas with trees. This only happens in open trailer method.

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